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People Call Time On Google Earth ‘Mystery’

Everybody loves a good mystery. Curiosity about the unknown is human nature, and the spine-tingling sensation that can be found in things both weird and sensational gives a rush that rivals any other. With the strong reaction it can produce, it is no surprise that it is a favorite topic of clickbait merchants everywhere. 

Helped along by the overenthusiastic use of the warning sign emoji, Tiktoker Jason Cline is one avid producer of videos that showcase unexplained occurrences. His latest piece put the spotlight on a place in the Nevada desert. A thumbprint shape on Google Maps, when explored in Street View, appeared to show as some kind of ritual being performed by strange hooded beings.

Despite all the effort to give the zoom in heebie-jeebies, many viewers were not convinced. Some were more concerned about his distinctive filming set up, or had been convinced the whole thing was going to be a bait and switch. On top of that, it was soon pointed out that the scene was actually an easily discoverable art installation in a well-known ghost town called Rhyolite. 

This hasn't stopped the video from gaining traction, but it does impart an important lesson for mystery addicts everywhere. If you want to give the internet the shivers, find somewhere less googleable.

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