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20+ Amusing Google Maps Shenanigans For Wannabe Urban Explorers

Glitches galore
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Google Search Mishap Uncovers Phenomenon Of People Accidentally Turning Their Homes Into Businesses

Five star reviews all round.
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People Call Time On Google Earth ‘Mystery’

Or, how everyone knows how to Google things.
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google trolling Video street view - 79508225

Finding an Error on Google Street View

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When You See the Street View Car

girl falls on google street view
Via super-wolves

When You See the Google Maps Car Down the Street

trolling memes murder on google street view
Via rimatron

Scumbag Firetruck Wasn't Even Heading to an Emergency

bike fall google map street view - 5790560256
By Knockzak

Y U No Have Alien Translate!?

alien Mars street view Y U No Guy - 5094820096
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Please, You Just Fell Down, Fatty

fat google Maps street view - 5949155072
By Unknown

Carnival's in Town?

google google maps street view wtf - 6300705024
By beaniee