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Innovative South Korean Street Lights Divide Opinion Over Their Purpose

Screen addiction at a whole new level.
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But You Playin

Funny meme that reads, "This could be us" above a a photo of two trash cans chained together
Via Wichelmich

Oh My Bad

Text conversation where one guy asks what the other's street name is; guy says, "Lil Marco" and his friend clarifies that he was wondering about his address
Via SpicyChair

At Least When Kids Steal Your Street Sign You'll Know Where to Find It

funny street signs At Least When Kids Steal Your Street Sign You'll Know Where to Find It
Via Clicktrack01


public street tire - 4532351488
See all captions Created by tmdarby

Eddie Bomb

street mascot - 6711166720
Created by Adam Sarego

You Live on the Corner of What?

the corner of 69 and dicks
Via Dejatoo

Edgar Allen Poe Lives Here

street wtf funny - 8362145024
Created by Unknown

It's Just on the Corner of Dudley

street sign wtf funny - 8246959872
Created by Unknown

A Street, A Name, A Direction

street pun - 7763539968
Created by Unknown

Meanwhile in Chicago

yikes street FAIL gifs sinkholes cars chicago - 7359482624
Created by Unknown

Lindsay Lohan Lives Here?

street wtf house lindsay lohan - 7017162240
Created by xyzpdq1


street Italy - 3712023552
See all captions Created by Unknown


street pool - 3933021184
See all captions Created by operasamia

I Love Surprises!

street sign zoo surprise prison - 6890676992
Via Reddit

Seriously, They Come Out of Nowhere

street sign - 6823451136
Via Pleated Jeans
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