Stranger Added To Group Chat Donates Money To Expecting Couple's Diaper Fund

We don't know about you, but damn, in this political, societal, and GENERAL climate, it's always nice to hear some good news. And this gallery provides just that. After a complete stranger was added to the group chat of a very expect married couple by their Grandma, we absolutely gained faith in humanity. Bobby, who had no idea who the family was, sent a charming selfie and a request for the family's cash app so he could donate to their diaper fund. The family, including Meemaw, was wowed by the man's kindness. Apparently, he happened to be the "owner" of the father-to-be's old phone number. Everything seems to happen for a reason - and this wholesome story will keep us smiling for at least a good chunk of the day. We hope it does the same for you.

Wholesome text exchange with stranger who donates to expecting couple's diaper fund
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