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A Random Bunch of Moderately Funny Memes

It doesn't matter how hard you try to fight it, the perils of compulsive procrastination are just one of the many unfortunate realities of being a 21st century human with painful first world problems. While most of us can cop to feeling miserable pretty much every single day, it's frowned upon to complain about your problems when comparatively speaking, you're pretty damn privileged. Unfortunately, we can't help you permanently crush the urge to completely ignore the responsibilities and tasks…
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40+ Memes on the Weirder Side of the Spectrum

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Weird Food Memes That Are Something Of An Acquired Taste

Dig in.
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Weird, funny and surreal memes | NATURE GAVE US FOOD Lasagna Hot Pockets Cookies n Cream Jolly Ranchers WHY ARE NOT EATING ? | MASS Surveillance state we are all CAM GIRLS

Strange Memes For Lovers Of Weird Humor

The weirder the better.
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Funny dank memes from Reddit | bernie sanders meme Nobody: Gaming laptops after 15 minutes on battery: I am once again asking electrical support. scene from almighty bruce of jim carrey talking to morgan freeman: Wait, are going on vacation, does god even have vacations? Ever heard January 2020?

Introducing 'The Dank Drop:' 25 Of The Best Dank Memes Of The Week

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Funny and strange dank memes for Generation Z, Zoomers | scooby doo fred revealing villain meme let's see who this really is: People who say s been good decade People who have barely lived dacade. dog with ptsd: 2040 my kid calls zoomer

A Little Dose Of Strange Zoomer Humor For The Generation Z Kids

We respect your meme efforts, Zoomers.
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Funny dank memes | Rotating meme 90 degrees so both Australians and rest us must turn equally ain't much, but it's honest work. only Boomers respect: Carl Fredricksen from Up, geri's game by pixar, Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls

Seventeen Dank Memes For Anyone Who's Over The Holiday Cheer

Feel the dankness.
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Funny dog reviews, animal reviews ,object reviews, memes.

16 Quirky Meme Reviews That Are Weirdly On Point

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