Stuff that seems harmless but is actually dangerous

10 Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Really Dangerous

As humans we are constantly being told what is bad for us. Don't drink this. Don't eat that. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and that fatty and processed foods are nearly poisonous to your body. Drugs? Fuhgeddabout it. We talk a lot less about the stuff that seems completely harmless but could actually really mess us up. Redditor u/Sealedbox recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share situations, objects - and even animals - that fall into this category. They came through wit…
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Man Stunned To Find Movie Theater Food On Uber Eats

“I would love to pay a delivery fee for a dry-a** 'Nathan’s Hot Dog'”.
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Viral TikTok videos that are cursed, confusing, and hilarious

13 Cursed Viral TikToks That Will Have You Saying "What The..."

What is even going on here?
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15+ Unsettling Instances Of Beans Where They Shouldn’t Be

Mmm… squishy
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15+ Mind Bending Optical Illusions That Need A Second Glance

Hold up
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Weird Simpsons Edits For Fans Of Dumb Cartoon Humor

Sh*tpost central
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A Curious Collection Of 15+ Random Images

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People Share The Weirdest Things They “Have A Guy” For

Surprisingly pure
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Mind Twisting Memes That Take A Walk On The Surreal Side

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A Confusing Collection Of 17+ Questionable Images

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40+ Completely Cursed Memes That Encourage Sleeping With The Light On

Uneasy on the eye
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Puzzling Images That Raise More Questions Than Answers

What is going on here?
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Passenger Shares Surreal Airport Experience Right Out Of a Videogame

Talk about liminal space.
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Alarming Images That Are The Very Definition Of Chaotic

Ever feel like life gets a little bland sometimes? We are creatures of routine, and many of us are constantly doing and seeing the same things day in, day out. It’s important to sometimes take yourself out of your comfort zone, and thankfully we have the internet at our disposal to help us do just that. These pictures may be unsettling and maybe even something you could do without seeing, but by god, they do that job admirably.
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Cryptic Tiktoker Claims To Have Discovered A Time Traveler

Out of all the mysteries about how the world works, time and being able to manipulate it has to be one of the most popular. We are bombarded with movies, TV shows and fiction that rely on the concept of time travel , but most of us don’t expect to be confronted with it in reality. This has apparently not been the case for @comeatmebhai , who has found TikTok fame for a video where they claim to have stumbled upon a homeless person who is also a time traveller. Showing an anonymous man writing w…
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Strange, Literal And Clever Brand Logo Edits That Improve The Originals

Silence, brand.
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