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A Bunch of Controversial Reddit Posts to Do a Double Take At

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Infuriating Design Fails That Are Both Dumb and Impractical

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Customer Service Workers Share The Most Haunting Interactions They’ve Had With The Public

Ew, people
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Stuff that seems harmless but is actually dangerous

Things That Seem Harmless But Are Actually Dangerous

As humans we are constantly being told what is bad for us. Don't drink this. Don't eat that. We all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and that fatty and processed foods are nearly poisonous to your body. Drugs? Fuhgeddabout it. We talk a lot less about the stuff that seems completely harmless but could actually really mess us up. Redditor u/Sealedbox recently asked the r/AskReddit community to share situations, objects - and even animals - that fall into this category. They came through wit…
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Goofy Examples of Animals in Places They Aren't Supposed to Be

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Strange & Questionable Garbage That People Chose To Sell

Not a sight for sore eyes
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Randomly Generated Memes that Make a Humorous Amount of Sense

Who would've thought
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Deranged Discussions That Escalated Fast Enough To Give Whiplash

Zero to one hundred
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Wild Tinder Moments That Range From Amusing To Terrible

The audacity
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Crazed & Crackpot Moments From U.S. Politics

The greatest nation on earth
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Questionable Images That Must Have A Backstory

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Dude Challenges TikTokers to Break Open a Sugar Packet by Throwing it Against a Wall, Challenge was Accepted, But Now They Want His Skin...

Dude Challenges TikTokers to Break Open a Sugar Packet by Throwing it Against a Wall, Challenge was Accepted, But Now They Want His Skin

People are ridiculously throwing sugar packets against walls and commenting on this poor man's video that they want him as a skin suit…
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Daft And Demented YouTube Thumbnails That Someone Really Sat Down And Made

Talk about clickbait
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People Speculate On All The Things That Have Probably Never Been Googled

Not feeling lucky
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Utterly Damned Images For Eyeball Poisoning Purposes

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Amusing Thread Tells Tale Of Persnickety Airbnb Owner Through Signs He Leaves At His Property

Don't cross Jonathan
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