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Costco Employees Give An Amusing Rundown Of Their Returns Policy

Costco is truly a king among stores. If you qualify to apply for that sweet, sweet membership, you suddenly have a whole new world of discounts and tantalizing bulk items right at your fingertips. You never know what delights might find themselves in your shopping cart whenever your visit, but that’s all part of the wonder that is the Costco experience. Arguably, one of the best aspects of the store is its return policy. Its approach is so shockingly liberal that a video of two of its employees…
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Man Experiences Chaos At The Self-Checkout After A Cat Sits On His Groceries

There’s nothing like the unique brand of stress that comes with using a store’s self-checkout . Not only do you have to scan and bag everything by yourself, you have to deal with the whims of a temperamental retail robot and sometimes stand there for minutes at a time waiting for an actual staff member if things go wrong. Mistakes happen often, but they’re not always unwelcome. When @reecebrierley1 went to get groceries, he probably wasn’t expecting any of his items to be alive. Yet in a video …
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Karen Got Owned

Funny meme where a store manager makes a sign that tells Karens that they cannot speak to the manager
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Funny memes about Walmart

16 Trashy Walmart Memes & Moments Straight From The Dumpster

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Holy Shizz

Caption that reads, "This is exactly what we need in life" above a pic of a store that has two different-colored shopping baskets that indicate whether you want help out or not
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Caption that reads, "It was at this point when the Walmart manager toyed with the idea of maybe opening up another checkout line" above a pic of people standing in a very long line
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What a Pig

bad idea pig prank store - 8801746944
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It's a Steal

image face off store It's a Steal
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Great Shopping Tips!

prank store cauliflower Great Shopping Tips!
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Did You Sing It?

IRL store - 8757505536
By Unknown

Some People Like to Browse IRL

web comics internet store Some People Like to Browse IRL
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Think of the poor factory workers!

expensive store - 8561447424
By Unknown


hilarious seems legit store wtf - 5815625728
By Claira_M87

This Grocery Store Gets Me

funny memes crazy cat lady store aisle
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shoplifting trolling parade store - 73430785

This Shop Celebrates Their 10,000th Shoplifter With Cake and Champagne!

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Well That's Convenient

coke IRL mentos store - 5704674816
By LimboJimbo1341
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