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Weird Signs That Would Make Any 'Ace of Base' Member Open Up Their Eyes

Ever since I was in high school, I've been obsessed with weird signs. My school had countless weird posters on the wall that were intended to motivate us, but all we did was make fun of them. The most iconic of them read this: 30 years from now, it won’t matter what shoes you wore, how your hair looked, or the jeans you bought. What will matter is what you learned and how you used it.
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We're All Tired Of Your BS

Funny meme that reads, "Even the street signs are tired of it" above a photo of a sign that says "Karen St." above a stop sign
Via anlyin

Cyclists, Please Stop Doing This

Funny 'Is This A Pigeon' meme about cyclists helmet who run red lights Is this a green light?
Via Seanyeawest


Funny meme that reads, "When you show somebody a picture on your phone and they start scrolling" above a photo of a guy angrily holding a stop sign
Via LeoSenior


Funny meme about tickling
Via @memebase

Always On Autopilot

Tweet that reads, "Do you ever drive like a solid five minutes while thinking about something incredibly random and stupid and then you're like were any of those lights I passed green, how did I get here WTF"
Via Beautifulbeard

We Keep It Funky

Pic of a stop sign where someone wrote below 'stop' "Ain't no traffic like incoming traffic cause..." another sign below reads, "Incoming traffic does not stop"
Via aschoobs

Pretty Much

Funny meme about drunk me, sober me, stop sign.
Via cabbagecatmemes

Stop in the Name of Law

trolling memes sassy really gotta stop sign
Via simgasm

I Saw the Sign...

stop sign Okay - 8008345600
Created by bssdude726


cars stop sign idiots funny - 8480357888
Created by Monton_Senior

Unwarranted Road Rage

poker face road rage driving stop sign - 8453976320
Created by gravedigga63

Trust Me That's Good Advice

wtf FAIL stop sign funny - 7861214976


stop sign funny - 7791628800

Where Do I Go From Here?

driving stop sign Okay traffic - 7743409920
Created by scruffynutz

Re-Framed: What a Genius!

sign poop stop sign re-frames immature high schoolers - 6971041024
Created by Unknown
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