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Sixteen Delicious Food Memes For People Who Love To Eat

Could definitely go for some pizza right now...
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Didn't Need That Info

Shower thoughts Tumblr post where someone points out that your belly button is just your 'old mouth'
Via JamieLeBas

Location of Taco Contents

contents dogs floor food Pie Chart plate shell stomach taco - 3183783424
Created by kodama7

Scumbag Stomach

stomach rage noise test - 8442965504
Created by Unknown

Taco Tuesday

stomach rage Taco Tuesday tacos - 8402514176
Created by death_by_rage

Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works?

stomach tongue brain web comics - 8285682688
Via Lars The Yeti

That's the Last Time I Do Something Nice For You, Stomach!

stomach fart salad - 8268940032
Created by loudwhitenoise

A Conversation Between the Heart and the Brain

stomach brains hearts food questions web comics - 8262771200
Via The Awkward Yeti

The Eyes Have It

body eyes pie stomach web comics - 8262891520

Stomach Growl

stomach school poker face test - 8211419648
Created by Unknown

The Heart and the Brain Have a Conversation Regarding the Stars

stomach heart space web comics - 8202634752
Via Lars The Yeti

Some Memories Are Just Mental Indigestion

stomach feelings brains web comics - 8186342400
Via The Awkward Yeti

My Stomach on a First Date

stomach farts wine dating web comics - 8112745984
Via The Oatmeal

The Power of The Stomach

stomach wtf mindwarp gifs Japan - 5167881984

Tetris Stomach

eating tetris stomach web comics - 7984665344
Via Aaron Whitaker

Some People Can't Stomach Travelling on Planes

stomach gifs robert downey jr planes puns funny - 7539450368
Created by anselmbe
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