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Sure Looks Like It

Funny meme that reads, "Has science gone too far?" above a stock photo of a guy looking into the distance on a mountain
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We Also Can't Put An Adequate Amount Of Guac On Our Burritos!

Funny stock photo meme about someone being hired to work at Chipotle
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A Work Of Art

Stock photo of a doctor telling a patient that he has to draw blood, above the same stock photo of him saying "thanks for waiting" and holding a drawing of a drop of blood
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Pretty Impressive, Eh?

Stock photo of a woman interviewing someone with caption that reads, "So what are your skills?" above a pic of someone blowing tea out of a teapot spout into a tea cup
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Pulled A Lil Sneaky One On Ya ;)

Caption that reads, "When your coworker Jeff is on vacation and you pull a super silly prank by changing the wallpaper on his computer to My Little Pony or something funny like that lol" above a stock photo of a dopey-looking white guy
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Take That

Stock photo of a guy wearing a magician's outfit saying, "And for my next trick I will dissapear" next to panel of that has a pic of a pear and him saying, "f*ck you pear you taste like sh*t"
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Easier Than Expected

Stock photo of a guy shaking a dog's paw with caption about him getting hired because he said the dog was a good boy
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Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "Him: Will I be able to play guitar when this is healed? Doctor: Yes, of course! Him: LMAO sick! I couldn't play before I broke my arm" above a stock photo of a nurse bandaging up a guy's broken arm
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Helicopter Parents Approaching The Landing Pad!

Caption that reads, "When your son accidentally ingests gluten in school and you have to go pick him up" above a stock photo of two people driving in a car while wearing clothes made out of bubble wrap
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