Take That Ya Little Sh*t

Funny tweet that reads, "Wife: I just got stung by a jellyfish. Quick, pee on it; Me: [Peeing on jellyfish] This is for stinging my wife"
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Funny and somewhat offensive reaction meme, photo of Sting from the police - steve irwin smiles, photo of a stingray, steve irwin unhappy. This is a joke because steve irwin was killed by a stingray.
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Wrestling Truly is The Greatest Sport on The Planet

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Sting is a Great Babysitter

gifs kids sting wrestling - 8219367424
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GraphJam: Watch Out for the Business End

anatomy best of week bitter bug evil hate sting - 6226379776
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Robocop Rescuing Sting

gifs robocop sting win wrestling - 5878548480
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Classic: Because A's Don't Sting

ä bee high expectations asian dad sting wtf - 5658019072
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And Just Forget Trying to Make Them Sleep

Pie Chart Pokémon sleep sting - 5621851904
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Philosoraptor: And Is Elvis Prince's Dad?

Elvis king Music philosoraptor prince sting - 4887966464
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Bear Grylls and Socially Awkward Penguin: United

bear grylls jellyfish sting - 4602372096
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Rage Guy: It Burns!

eye orange Rage Comics sting - 4327957248
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police sting TV violence - 1655399680
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