Picture of a girl dancing at a club with the caption, "White people when 'Mr. Brightside' starts playing at a party"
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phd college degree pretentious trending memes trending education grad school stereotypes scooby doo community college - 6386437

'Pyramid Of Intellect' Memes Will Make You Feel Like A Superior Human

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power rangers stereotypes starter pack basic white girl taylor swift vegans normies chick fil-a papa johns video games introverts - 6228485

'Megazord Transformation' Memes Are The Wonderful New Starter Packs

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starter pack thread about welcome to the midwest which nails the stereotypes of the region

25 Midwestern Tweets That'll Make You Want To Down A Bottle Of Ranch

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It Really Messed With His Business Plan

Photo of a YouTuber who forgot to tell his viewers to "like, comment and subscribe"
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Funny obi-wan kenobi memes from around the world, italy, mexico, ireland, germany.

Obi-Wan Goes Global In These Super Silly Star Wars Memes

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You Should Get a Different Prescription

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The Internet Is Asking, Which Suburban White Mom Are You?

moms personality memes The Internet Is Asking, Which Suburban White Mom Are You?
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racism americana stereotypes Video - 79056129

The Tables Turn When Koreans try to Tell Westerners Apart

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racism Video stereotypes - 77562881

I'm Pretty Sure Some People Actually Already Have Racist Glasses

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Trust Me, You Don't Want to Visit Most of the United States

funny memes honest city state mottos

Good for You, White People

funny memes white people want to be oppressed so bad
Dude Perfect driving stereotypes Video - 73608193

Which One of These Driving Stereotypes are You?

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The Origin of Type B Personalities

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Re-Plotted: Is It Even Possible to Be a Hipster Anymore?

hipster mainstream Pie Chart stereotypes - 4993683200
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final fantasy stereotypes - 8326036480
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