People clap back at woman who says men cant drink fruity drinks

People Slam Woman For Saying Men Shouldn't Order Fruity Drinks

This kind of BS is so toxic.
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Americans Reveal Truths About The U.S. That The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Know

An eye-opener
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Canadian Memes For Citizens and Appreciators Alike

There are tons of stereotypes about Canadians , but the ones that are most commonly heard are that the Northerners pepper their sentences with “Ehs” and that they are extremely courteous and considerate. Both are true. I learned this while attending University of Toronto many years ago, as a way to escape my parents here in Brooklyn and still attend school in a city that boasts a diverse population - and equally diverse food. My first day walking around the neighborhood of my dorm, I was impres…
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AskReddit thread about what men struggle to explain to women | Thirty_Helens_Agree 3h 1 Award If say doing nothing nothing" is not void be filled; nothing is activity and love Reply 2.1k

20+ Truths Men Struggle to Explain to Women

Good to know.
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Funny and relatable starter pack memes | pencil experience starter pack painful ears they hit paper used too much pressure and now keeps getting everywhere won't come clean can still get few uses out this eraser AAN right get perfectly angled point flaky ones can't do this | loudest things ever starter рack dad HX guy who uses this at 7 am KLERATOR

Amusing Starter Pack Memes That Definitely Aren't Wrong

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Funny memes about people from the midwest | Makayla Utecht @MakaylaUtecht ran into guy at disneyworld Both us simultaneously ope sorry pause and look at each other* Him Illinois Nebraska" he high fives midwestern things~ | Bottle - Midwest starterpack probably looks like this w puts chili on noodles Hidden Mddes ally Ranch Midwest starterpack Budweise san ni

21 Memes & Pics For The True Midwesterners

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Funny twitter meme about brands marketing to gays, my gay friends, gay people, goths, vampires, funny, stereotypes, lgbtq, pride

Memers Challenge Gay Stereotypes Just in Time for Pride

It's not all rainbows.
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Dank memes, funny memes, stupid memes, random memes, British memes, british people memes, stereotypes | Americans: British people imagine not having free healthcare" primitive Patrick from Spongebob with rotten teeth | Stop complaining about life. There are literally people living England

Roasty British Memes That Pack A Wallop

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Reddit users share common myths about their counties that are false, incorrect stereotypes

People Share Dumb Myths About Their Countries & Continents

Do better.
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messaging married woman cringe | *nervously approaches with my hands clasped together, eyes shyly cast downward* H-hello, my beautiful Queen *timidly raises my gaze soft smile playing across my lips* M- may kindly -ask are on this day? takes soft gasp air as drink glowing beauty, nervously awaiting reply*

Dude Slides Into Married Woman's DMs In Cringey Neckbeard Fashion

This exchange is straight-up painful.
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Manly Memes | Standing at urinal shaking out every last drop. My Dick: Sod BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! tweet by Ristolable my girlfriend thought, first 4 dates: 1. Nice shirt. 2. Wow second nice shirt. 3. Okay, first shirt again. 4.He has two shirts.

26 Manly Memes For Boys Who Just Wanna Have Fun Too

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Funny starter pack memes | did homework but ain't gon let copy starter pack new balance shoes binder backpack on wheels. not like other girls starter pack tumblr pink hair tattoo choker cigarette thigh high socks.

20 Starter Pack Memes That Speak The Truth

Embrace your inner basic!
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Funny memes about being a Capricorn | angry squidward vs squidarwd getting bottle fed by spongebob. Capricorn public Capricorn with ones they love. Capricorns on their day off going have party, and no one's invited but

15 Relatable Capricorn Memes For The Astrology Addicts

These are for all you Capricorns!
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Funny and stereotypical memes about being a woman | two cats hugging my friend don't have any pads got some? Friend: Yeah got | without concealer vs with 5 layers concealer D.W. Arthur eye bags

20 Feminine Memes Full Of Dumb Stereotypes

All women love the color pink, right...?
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Funny dank memes about taking an ancestry DNA test | man in tracksuit squatting on a railing says 3% Russian life_of gopnik. alexandria ocasio-cortez says 05% Italian

14 Ancestry Memes That Poke Fun At Stereotypes

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Funny tweets about the Midwest | WIDWEST Midwest vs Everybody @midwestern_ope OPE Where are Names biggest city live by bc 's not worth explaining where actually

Fifteen Amusing Midwestern Tweets In Honor Of The Flyover States

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