Funny meme that reads, "When you pause the music, but keep the headphones on so you can eavesdrop" above photos of Jonah Hill wearing headphones
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Funny tweet that reads, "I drew a ninja" above a blank image
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stealth Video far cry 4 - 76468993

This Guy's Stealth Kill Skills are Out of This World

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The Logic is Impeccable


I Never Asked for This

stealth comics dues ex - 7093779968
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Everytime You Play Assassin's Creed

stealth assassins creed - 7780623360
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stealth epic - 4566763520
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Never Turn on the Water

stealth bad idea water Cats funny - 8459988224
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Stealthy Dog

stealth dogs whoops couches web comics - 8368286976
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Impeccable AI

stealth gifs tough video games hitman - 8364123648
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A Master of Stealth

cops stealth ninja funny - 8353566464
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The Art of Stealth

stealth gaming - 8284049408
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Every Stealth Mission Ever

video games stealth - 8180204288
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During Winter, No One Knows You're a Slob

stealth winter web comics - 8070874112
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That's One Serious Stalker

stealth stalker funny airplane - 8012021504
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Watch the Most Super Epic Stealth Kill EVARRR!!1!

gifs hitman video game logic stealth - 7939900672
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