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If it ain't me

Funny tweet about staying up late as revenge | Daphne K. Lee is out of office O @daphnekylee Learned a very relatable term today: (revenge procrastination), a phenomenon in which people who don't have much control over their daytime life refuse to sleep early in order to regain some sense of freedom during late night hours.
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Sleepy Memes For The Perpetually Exhausted

Life's tiring.
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37 Soul-Freeing Memes For When Your Mind Needs To Wander

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Mind Blown

Shower Thoughts tweet that reads, "The reason most of us stay up late is because we don't want our free time to end and tomorrow to start"
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Because Sleep is Too Mainstream

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Brain, Y U No Let Me Sleep?

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Hah. "Done for the Night."

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Every Single Night

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