'Do Y'all Hear Sumn?' Is A Spongebob Meme For The Haters

It's said that indifference is worse than hatred. This new Spongebob meme takes that sentiment seriously. Spongebob has provided an entire generation with endless mirth well into their young adulthood. This collection of fabulous Spongebob memes will definitely have you reminiscing 

Folks on Twitter have been responding to things they don't care about and things they absolutely hate with images from cartoons that insinuate the lack of ability to hear. Think playground era feigned deafness: "What's that I hear? Is that the wind?" 

People are using the reaction images to respond to everything from Apple Music announcements to video footage of Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz in police custody. The memes are unbelievably low-effort, so we implore you to join the very blase party.

If you're looking for a shock to your system, these memes seem too good to be true 

Funny spongebob meme about not caring.
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