Put That Thing Away

Caption that reads, "How it feels to eat with someone who's always on their phone" above a pic of a guy at a restaurant sitting alone in a corner
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Infinite Value!

Sad stahp mobile gaming - 8273913600
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costume creepy homer simpsons stahp - 6623884288
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Road Trip RPG, Fun Not Allowed!

emo design final fantasy xV square enix stahp - 8324890880
Created by Grayborders

I Play Soul Calibur for the Plot

bewbees stahp - 8323216128
Created by tehmike

Go Away Uplay

steam Ubisoft stahp gaming - 8284847104
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game over Mario Kart Video stahp rage quit mario kart 8 - 62400513

Get Mario Karted 8

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This is Getting Way Out of Hand

assassin's creed unity stahp gaming pre-order - 8219390208
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Mobile Gaming in a Nutshell

2048 stahp mobile games gaming flappy bird - 8139644160
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The Wiping Mouth Tough Guy Trend Continues

stahp video games - 8132369152
Created by CanHasVeggieburger

No, Subway! STAHP!

stahp Subway doge - 8003609600

The Stop Sign of The Internet

stahp the internets - 7979296000
Created by -Ness-

Tetra? Wat Are You Doing?

stahp zelda windwaker - 7957304320
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You Are Browsing Too Hard

dogs eyebrows gifs stahp funny - 7876320512

The Internet Teaches me 2 spel

school the internets tests stahp - 7868595968

Even Our Pets Are Taking Selfies

selfie pets stahp animals - 7823212800
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