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30+ of the Best Animal Memes of the Week (January 6, 2024)

That's one big monkey
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Animal Memes For Fishy Friends

Squidward smells...good
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A compilation of memes about animals

30 Animal Memes For Aspiring Zookeepers

This week, breaking news hit everyone who cares about animals, and this one is a doozy. I don't know if you all remember the March 2020 Netflix hit series Tiger King. I know I certainly don't, at least not the details. Only the big plot points stick out in my head, and even those are a little fuzzy (fuzzy like the tigers, am I right???). One of the accusations that stick out in my mind is that Carol Baskin fed her dead husband's remains to her tigers. I, like so many millions of people with stu…
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A compilation of funny memes about animals

Animal Memes For Silly Gooses

Silliness is one of the most important qualities a person can have. Nobody likes someone who is super serious 99% of the time. I feel like I'm at my silliest when I'm doing childish activities . For example, my family and I saw the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person this year. I had never really loved watching it on TV because I was more of a dog show person, but when I saw those giant balloons with my own two eyes, my inner child was freaking out. Every time I saw a new balloon peeking a…
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Twitter roasts Johnny Rotten for getting flea bites on his penis after trying to befriend or rescue some squirrels in his Venice Beach Los Angeles home, MAGA, Donald trump supporter | Secretary Of NO State Andrew Turley @casio_juarez me, traveling back in time to 1995 to once again talk to my 16 year old self 2020 me: ok, one more thing, Johnny Rotten got bit by a flea on his dick after taking in some squirrels. 1995 me: 2020 me: 1995 me: That's the first thing you've told me that makes any

Johnny Rotten Roasted For Getting Genital Flea Bites After Squirrel Rescue

2020 Bingo claims another victim.
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Funny and cute video of dogs who get jolted awake when their owner says the word "squirrel"

Dogs Get Jolted Awake With The Word 'Squirrel'

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Caption that reads, "Me thinking about my next meal after I just ate" above pics of a very fat squirrel
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Pic of a squirrel with the caption, "This albino squirrel comes to our door and rubs its nipples and just stares at us"
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Squirrels, NYC's Greatest Foe

Funny emme about aggressive squirrels on the news in NYC.
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Why Squirrels Bury Acorns

web comics squirrel rhyming Why Squirrels Bury Acorns
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photoshop battle of a badass squirrel with cool superhero pose

Badass Squirrel Poses for One of the Coolest Photoshop Battles Ever

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Never Trust Woodland Creatures, They Only Look Out for Themselves

web comics work squirrel Never Trust Woodland Creatures, They Only Look Out for Themselves
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squirrel photoshop battle

Squirrel Does the Splits and Immediately Gets a Photoshop Battle

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photoshop battle squirrel

As if a Squirrel Eating a Hot Cheeto Wasn't Enough, the Internet Had to Add Photoshop

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Oh, You Better Believe His Body's Ready

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When the First Try Was the Last Try for the Poor Guy

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