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Snarky Bakery Owner Loses It After Being Reported For Using 'Illegal Sprinkles'

Apparently we've been living the good life here in the United States and we didn't even know it. No, we're not referring to healthcare. We're talkin' sprinkles. Colorful specks of sugar that adorn everything from ice cream cones to a doughnuts. Apparently in the United Kingdom , American sprinkles are illegal as they contain food colorings found to cause thyroid problems and hyperactivity in children. The FDA doesn't find the same warning necessary. That's probably because more hyperactivity =…
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Good Lord

funny and disgusting tweet | BASED SAVAGE @BASEDSAVAGE_ Go to hell EDi gyal them sugar@ @CHRlSxJETS... Chocolate sauce wings with sprinkles! flats

Nailed It

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T*tty Sprinkles

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Spot the Difference...

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You Are Now Imagining This In His Voice

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