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My Way or the Highway: Viral TikTok Trend Proves that Attitude, Sass, and Life as a Spoiled Brat is Something You’re Born With

Maybe she's born with it?
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Funny Twitter Thread Exposes Times People Were Incredibly Dumb

We all know that one person whose lack of common sense makes you worry for their safety and wonder how they've made so far in life. I once had a roommate in college who called our landlord and complained that the washing machine was broken because the clothes kept coming out wet. Apparently he had never washed his own clothes before and assumed the washer was also a dryer. That same roommate once put his pet goldfish in a giant martini glass full of water, set it on the kitchen counter, and lef…
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Quit Buying So Much Avocado Toast

Funny tweet that reads, "Millennials are so SPOILED and ENTITLED; Millennials: is it rude if I ask my employer to pay me"
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Where Can We Get A Human Version Of That

Pics of cats hanging out in a cat tunnel that leads into the backyard with Snapchat caption that reads, "Guys, I think my cats might be spoiled..."
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Why Am I Like This

Object-label meme where a cat condo represents "A universe of music exploration" and a cat in a box next to it represents "The same 20 songs"
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C'mon Mom!

Text that reads, "When you accidentally let go of your balloon and your mom won't buy you another one" over a pic of an actor lying face-down in front of a woman sitting in a chair
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Spoiled Dog is Spoiled

dogs fetch Scumbag Steve spoiled - 6497994752
Created by LtMaverick09