Maybe It Will Do Something This Time

fish magikarp Pie Chart Pokémon splash - 5773309696
Created by eebootwo

Thanks for the Facial

breakfast Rage Comics raisin rage splash yogurt - 5671748096
Created by Unknown

Did You Take a Shower While You Were In There?

pooptimes Rage Comics seat splash - 5460383232
Created by Unknown

Scumbag Turtle

best of week critters gifs push splash turtle water - 5399897088
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

A Day at the Beach

beach FAIL gifs sad but true splash water - 5332663808
Created by Unknown

Someone Misses Shark Week

Impending Doom pool pounce splash - 2812990208

Bouts to Get Cannonballed

Bombosaurus cannonball Party pool splash - 4977960704
Created by eduardinies

There Was Water On the Sink

Close Enough pee Rage Comics raisin face spill splash - 5023627776
Created by Davero

Lame Pun Coon: It Really Makes a Splash on the Music Scene!

england Lame Pun Coon Music pool splash - 4950050048
Via I Raff I Ruse


effective magikarp Pokémon splash - 4414813440
Created by kiyochou

It's Super Repetitive!

magikarp Pie Chart Pokémon splash - 4379752192
Created by clagster12345

Not Even a Splash

magikarp Pokémon roleplay splash - 4249352960
Created by Unknown


magikarp Pokémon red splash - 4040648192
Created by xxxchaotickitty


bikinis Impending Doom splash surprise water - 3674400256
Created by Unknown

Making a Splash

Mormon Chat pirates splash - 4307616000
Created by CaptainBart


whale Pokémon splash super effective - 6677416704
Created by sushimi
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