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Spicy wikiHow Memes From the Geniuses of Reddit

We may have lost Yahoo Answers, but there are still places to find unintentionally hilarious stuff on the Internet. Quora is the obvious next best thing, but I think wikiHow gives 'em a run for their money. Quora seems to be filled mostly with a healthy combination of illiterates, nerds, and narcissists asking stupid questions and giving bad advice. wikiHow, on the other hand, is a place where “experts” give advice unprompted. And this advice is often, in turn, paired with some seriously weird…
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Funny starter pack memes that sort of make fun of different types of people.

A Fresh Batch of Sassy and Scary-Accurate Starter Pack Memes

If you've spent any time looking at memes over the last decade, chances are you've come across a starter pack meme. According to the experts at Know Your Mem e, starter pack memes are “a series of multi-panel photo sets meant to illustrate the archetype of a celebrity, company or subculture through a recommended selection of fashion articles, multimedia and other consumer products.” Basically, they're memes that riff on a person, place, thing, or behavior, and they often do it in a pretty savag…
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Spicy gender reveal memes, dank memes, gender reveal parties, it's a boy, california wildfires. | Road to El Dorado ROAD TD EL DORADO GOLDPOSTING My lord is s Boy. | Anakin Skywalker before and after Gender Reveal his kids. burned Darth Vader

20+ Spicy Gender Reveal Memes

Well, if you didn't think gender reveal parties were stupid, chances are you do now. Remember the wildfires that raged on the west coast? Well, we've learned that announcing whether your kid is a boy or a girl can cause irreparable damage and death. That's on top of the fact that they honestly seem to be completely unnecessary. It's almost as if people need a constant flow of milestone events to validate the fact that they exist on planet Earth. How many things are we going to have to lave lavi…
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Naughty and sexy Lord of the Rings memes, spicy

Lord of the Rings Memes That Are On the Naughty Side of the Spectrum

We like a good clean meme as much as the next person. Simple and relatable ? Sign us up. If we're being honest, however, there's something about a spicy meme - be it raunchy or simply offensive - that really gets our proverbial rocks off. And if the naughty memes have to do with one of our obsessions? Even better. As many of you (if not all of you) are well aware, we're huge fans of The Lord of the Rings books and movies, and the memes that they inspire. So when we came across a meme page that…
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Funny and spicy Lord of the Rings memes

Spicy 'Lord of the Rings' Memes For Nerds With a Saucy Sense of Humor

It should not be a secret to any of you that we here at Memebase are kind of obsessed with JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings a nd related writings. We're also obsessed with the memes they inspire . That's why we share our favorites every week. While our decidedly stupid but also kinda clean memes are a good time, sometimes we want something a little raunchier. Sometimes we want the memes to be imbued with a little edginess, or even a little offensive humor. Being that we're discussing one of…
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Funny spicy memes and tweets, dank memes, lol, unexpected punchlines, hold up, second half not gonna lie, twists and turns

Spicy Tweets With Unexpected Punchlines

Mamma mia
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Funny spicy memes about history, wars, europe, united states, revolutions

Spicy History Memes That Playfully Poke Fun At the Past

Many people say we're living in unprecedented times, but we imagine there have been more than several periods of history that felt charged with the same precarious energy. This may be our first time really getting those rights taken away from us, but we all know that it's happened before. Which is pretty damn backwards. We usually have a blast collecting history memes for galleries like this, but it's a bit more bittersweet now that we're dealing with situations that will be memed generations f…
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Funny Lord of the Rings memes, spicy, dark humor

Spicy Lord of the Rings Memes Filled With Dark and Dirty Humor

If you've been praying that we would stop enjoying Lord of the Rings memes, you are sh*t out of luck. Few things are certain in this world, but our undying affection for the Tolkien masterpieces (and the memes they inspire) is one of ‘em. That said, even our usual “Tolkien Tuesday” roundup can get a little boring every once in a while. Especially when so many of the memes are about The Rings of Power. To keep things a little more fresh, we’ve decided to share some Lord of the Rings memes that w…
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funny starter pack memes, starterpack memes, covid-19, depressing memes, conservatives, coronavirus, ocd | spending weekend with dad starter pack BUD LIGHT MaruchanCMaruchar Ramen podle Soup Ramen Noodle Sour Chicken iken CHICKEN FLAVOR Method 14 DAW Tide fabi | Oops got COVID starter pack Hey girll Listen going think am crazy but looking at profile and are so pretty and have gorgeous hairtt have an awesome network and think be amazing at dot could make great money! work an amazing hair company

A Large Selection of Incredibly Specific Starter Pack Memes

We mean specific.
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Funny memes about Star Trek, dank Star Trek Memes, Deep Space Nine, the next generation, Spock, Riker

Spicy Star Trek Memes For Fans of the Federation

It's been a good few years for fans of Star Trek who have been craving more content. While we didn't love Picard, and we do have some complaints about the plot and writing of Star Trek: Discovery , we are looking forward to seeing Anson Mount reprise his role as Christopher Pike in Strange New Worlds, and for Vampire Diaries ' Paul Wesley to join the show as Captain James Kirk in its second season. While we'll have to wait until the second season for our reintroduction to Captain Kirk, the firs…
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Funny random memes and posts, relatable, Tucker Carlson, M&Ms

A Heap of Random Memes Both Old & New

It is not easy out there for a lot of memes. Are you familiar with that old Eskimo practice of sending their geriatrics away on an iceberg for their final adventure? Well, some memes go through the same experience. Seasoned memes that pop up time and time again are ignored by the internet users who once laughed at them. Four Loko photoshop memes are a pretty good example. Wholesome memes often fall into that category, too. We're not people who can just let the poor things go. We want them to be…
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Funny random meme and tweets

A Big Load of Memes For Entertainment Purposes

Nothin' better than memes.
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Funny memes about healtchare workers, relatable

Spicy & Relatable Memes For Healthcare Workers

It's been a pretty rough couple of years for people who work in healthcare . And even that is an understatement. Thousands of people are still dying from Covid-19 every day, and we don't hear anyone cheering for healthcare workers at 7pm. Gone is the banging on pots and pans. Gone are the discounts for much-needed lunches. It's as though people have forgotten the heroes who help people who need it every day - and not just during a pandemic. Before and after our current crisis, we know that tire…
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Funny dank and spicy memes, mean memes, sarcastic memes, offensive memess | unplug all noisy beeping machines hospital and everyone starts sleeping better Why do fix everything touch? Fix it Felix | These always made nice sound hit sibling with them. ECHO MIC

Mean-Spirited Memes For People With Loose Morals

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Random Memes That Are Just Begging to Be Stolen

Let the memes take over your phone
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40+ Memes To Shamelessly Giggle At

Memes, baby!
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