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Lorde Crushes ‘Hot Ones’, Puts The Fear Of God Into The Rest Of Us

It’s always a novelty to find out a celebrity has a hidden talent, and the more unexpected the better. You don’t become a worldwide pop star in your teens without being in a different league to the rest of us, but a recent video has proved that Lorde is more than just her music; she also has a superhuman tolerance for heat. not lorde just casually enjoying eating the hottest wings with barely a flinch — chu (@chuuzus) July 29, 2021 Long running series Hot Ones has def…
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Random tweets for when you're bored, white people and spicy food.

28 Random Tweets For When You're Bored Stiff

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2 Spicy 4 Meh

Caption that reads, "White people can't handle spicy food - Um, try again sweetie" above a funny stock image of a woman holding a piece of white bread
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34 Funny Memes To Get You Giggling

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Rubbing Eye Rage

rage scumbag brain eye itch spicy food - 8264800000
Created by DissolveTheKitten

I Should Start Wearing Contacts...

peppers contact lenses herpderp spicy food - 7666625024
Created by K16

Feel the Burn!

buffalo wings spicy spicy food - 7582333696
Created by JoeSnake32

Next Cinco de Mayo

trolling spicy food funny - 7439506176
Created by AustinAzure

Do What the Recipe Says

spicy food - 7114988288
Created by Unknown