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15+ Wild Typos That Truly Boggle the Mind

Spleling good
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Silly Language Memes & Puns That Remind Us Words Are Ridiculous

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A compilation of images with hilarious spelling errors

Hilarious Spelling Fails That Highlight the Power of Proofreading

It's easy to write something and never go back to edit it. After all, there are only so many hours in a day to get things done, and in many jobs, if you throw something onto the page, often nobody will clock your errors. No matter your job, it's usually a good idea to know how to spell, and if you don't, it's a good idea to have someone who can spell-check your work. Our brains aren't necessarily wired to pick up on spelling errors immediately, especially when we're reading something quickly. L…
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Nonsensical Typing Mishaps That Are as Amusing as They Are Strange

Some great snetences
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Persnickety Grammar Memes for Haters of Misplaced Apostrophes

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20+ Times Keyboards Were Artistic Mediums Instead of Communication Devices

I cn sllep just fien.
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job ads with bad grammar and misspellings | iDK SCR Saga @kevinkaywho Found job opening requires 8+ years Swift experience. Swift is programming language came out 3 years ago. 8/18/17, 2:05 PM

20 Rage-Inducing Job Advertisement Fails

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Amusing Moments Of Spelling Ineptitude That Prove More People Need To Own A Dictionary

It's easily done, and it's happened to all of us more than once. You're typing away at a text to a friend, writing an important email or even jotting down a shopping list. All of a sudden, your mind goes blank, or your thumb goes awol, and before you know it you've written down something that even the most overzealous autocorrect can't fix. While most of us do our best to avoid such mistakes when it matters, sometimes the odd one slips through the net and while they may not be right, they sure …
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Tumblr, tweets, twitter, funny memes, funny tweets, language memes | David Burge @iowahawkblog Yes, English can be weird can be understood through tough thorough thought, though Traducir del inglés 1/5/15 17:55 6.635 RETWEETS 5.029 FAVORITOS Take Vaccines TakeThatsalk 6m HeyTekThatEnglish 2

20 Language Memes And Fails For Cunning Linguists

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Funny memes about grammar | welcome mat. Thank oda MATT WELCOME welcome, Matt. MATT W ELCOME @button | Do like anyone? yeah Um have bf yeah Delivered Ohh haha RESTORATION 100

15 Grammar Memes For Pompous Intellectuals

The English language is BS.
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Funny posts on social media where people misspelled words in entertaining ways | if don't get 300 followers by end july quitting 530 likes P'm sick and tired this shit fuck Instagram algae rhythm whatever shit is called | There is just no winning this life accept feet. and 78 others 18 Comments Like Comment

Hilarious Times People Misspelled Words In The Cringiest Ways

Bone app the teeth.
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Press 'F' To Pay Respects

Funny meme about how a grammatical error will ruin an argument | train hitting a bus a well thought out argument that your proud of you're
Via u/TaterTots345
funny and weird tumblr posts | overtheunderpass my car and by stop light looked over at this guy looking at and smiling with thumbs up. so smiled back and gave him thumbs up and drove off and took about 15 minutes driving before realized he hitchhiker | eternalgirlscout will kill basic threat; overused; lacks serious weight pee pants: up-and-coming; respectable; unexpected will pee pants: full promise grief and terror; absolutely devastating zerpderptwerp pants can't wait my pee too-easy-being-g

Weird & Funny Tumblr Posts For Lovers Of Quirky Humor

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Funny and cringey bad tattoos and tattoo fails | life go's on. Palients chasen_dunk, dabhead88 sabrinacamm Patients is virtue. Thank so much this tattoo looks amazing! dabhead88 misspelling grammar

Tattoo Fails People Should Be Ashamed Of

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Funny reasons the english language makes no sense.

40 Frustrating Reasons The English Language Is Full Of Sh*t

Is there any language more illogical?
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Funny Tumblr post that reads, "Why is 'dark' spelled with a 'k' and not a 'c'? Because you can't see in the dark. Ba-dum-tss"
Via nallex
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