That's Your Job, Ya Dummy

Funny meme about a cop pulling someone over and asking if he knows why he was pulled over
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'I Had No Idea Officer, I Swear!'

'Surprised Pikachu' meme with a caption that reads, "Me acting shocked when the cop tells me I was going over the speed limit"
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The "Come Over" Meme IRL

Funny meme about a guy that drove 141 mph to see his girlfriend.
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Enter Your Initials

driving speed limit speeding speed traffic - 8096292352
Created by Unknown

Speed Limit?

poker face speeding bad poker face - 7670520576
Created by Unknown

My My, SOMEONE'S in a Hurry!

highway driving speeding speed limit - 7086168576
Created by Unknown
best of week driving Remi Gaillard speeding Video - 32802561

Art of Trolling: Speed Camera In Use

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Classic: Not So Good, Player Two

IRL sign speeding - 5561457920
Created by Tyler Vernon

Hit the Brakes

best of week cop IRL sign speeding - 5340538368
Created by Unknown

So Close, Yet So Fined

driving red light speeding ticket - 5191921152
Created by Unknown

Worth It

Memes police scrolling speeding tickets troll - 5054459392
Created by Unknown

Also for Bunnies

cop driving highway Pie Chart slow down speeding - 5024817408
Created by Unknown

The Newest Dieting Craze

cops donuts IRL speeding tickets - 4956463616
Created by FireBraguette

Crassly Irresponsible and AWESOME

IRL speeding - 4780962560
Created by Timmehhhhh

I Could Top That

IRL speeding - 4753866496
Via pancake face

My Foot Instinctively Comes Off the Gas Pedal

cars cop driving Pie Chart police speeding - 4634693632
Created by Robotzombie13
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