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35 Congenial Memes to Make the Weekend

Greetings, web denizens. We come in peace with an offering of top-quality memes ! We can't say the same about the aliens. There's a lot to process with this recent news of human contact with extraterrestrials. The concept of aliens reaching our planet is both fear-inducing and exciting. If these aliens are anything like the human race it could mean bad news for our species. Considering they have the advanced technology to reach our planet, they definitely have a leg up on us. It's not exactly c…
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Humorous Memes Rate The Many Species Of The Animal Kingdom

One of the quickest ways to humble yourself as a human being is to remember just how many species of animals there are on this planet. Evolution/God/Our Great Lizard Overlords really snapped when it came to this whole nature business, and all around us we can see obvious reminders of that. There’s so many out there that it can get a little overwhelming, so it’s lucky that @welcometomymemepage is here to sort the good from the bad when it comes to creatures and critters. These handy guides will …
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