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'I'd stay at the door and start eating': Entitled takeout customers split opinion with excessive no contact delivery signage

They're too subtle
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'Ain't no way I'm making that delivery': Delivery person calls out customer for letting neighbor's dog roam in yard

'If you're scared of dogs, get a different job'
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'This is shorter than a CVS receipt': Toronto dispensary prints customer order that has entire script of 'Shrek' in the special instructions

None pizza guy would be proud
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25 Mouthwatering Times Food Service Employees Deliciously Complied to Special Requests

Something extra
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Bewildered Delivery App Users React to Shady Practice of 'Ghost Kitchens'

Don't get caught out
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Amazon Delivery Driver Calls Out Entitled Customer Requesting He "Do Something Silly" in Front of Ring Doorbell For 5-Year-Old Son

Not what they're paid for
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Fedex Driver Amuses The Internet With Abrupt Delivery

Think fast!
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