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41 Polyglot Memes for Language Learners With Their Tongue in a Twist

The Duolingo owl haunts my dreams
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A compilation of memes about language, linguistics, and language learning

Language Memes For People Yelling At Their Duolingo App

Learning languages is hard, especially if you're not getting the whole immersion experience. I feel your pain for those of us who have spent hours in a classroom trying desperately to understand what the teacher is saying in French or Spanish . Some lucky people have caught the language-learning bug, whether it be through traveling, Duolingo, or even growing up in a multilingual household, and I love that for them. As a former college student with a linguistics minor, I loved how linguistics as…
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cinco-de-mayo cinco-de-mayo-memes memes mexican mexico mexican-memes latin latinos reggaeton summer party taco-bell celebrate partying weekend dale spanish cantina tequilla cervesa

15 Cinco de Mayo Memes for Party People Prepared to Drink a Metric Ton of Margaritas

We three kings of Cinco de Mayo: Cerveza, Taco, Tequilla
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Mexicans Mexicanize "White People" Food with Hilarious Spanish Translations

Mexicans Mexicanize "White People" Food with Hilarious Spanish Translations

Pigs in a blanket? Oh, you mean salchichitas con fríos!
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A compilation of random memes and images.

Comical Memes For All Seasons

We are staunchly in the summertime , which means there's no escape from the indomitable orb of the sun and the atmosphere's various strategies of humidifying. Remember, this isn't the hottest summer of your life; it's the coldest summer of the rest of your life. While summertime might be the seasonal favorite of many, I tend to prefer autumn. My favorite thing about September, October, and November is guessing what will be seasonally appropriate to wear. Every day is a different story, resultin…
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A list of funny Duolingo sentences.

Weird Duolingo Sentences To Stimulate Your Broca's Area

Language acquisition is not known to be quickly accomplishable or straightforward. Most of us spend four years in a high school classroom fruitlessly trying to learn French, Spanish, or German, to completely forget everything we've learned in the weeks after graduating. I even took three semesters of Russian language courses in college, which may or may not have been because my favorite comedian at the time was a fluent Russian-speaking drag queen. For monolingual divas like me, foreign languag…
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Article about a Canadian Tim Hortons Manager who demands employees only speak English.

Rude Boss Forbids Employees From Speaking Non-English Languages

Linguistic diversity is something that is not always praised in the workplace. Being bilingual is often seen as a boon for white-collar workers who know languages with reputations of being cosmopolitan or good to know for business. On the flip side, bilingual service workers tend to be perceived as being less intelligent when speaking in their native language.
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Funny Facebook posts that demonstrate how strange translations from English into other languages can be | English: Monday Polish: English: stop this Polish: The Day After The Day You Do Nothing On 9

Literal Translations That Prove Language Is Illogical

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Funny memes about learning a language

53 Language-Related Memes For Frustrated Polyglots

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Tumblr, tweets, twitter, funny memes, funny tweets, language memes | David Burge @iowahawkblog Yes, English can be weird can be understood through tough thorough thought, though Traducir del inglés 1/5/15 17:55 6.635 RETWEETS 5.029 FAVORITOS Take Vaccines TakeThatsalk 6m HeyTekThatEnglish 2

20 Language Memes And Fails For Cunning Linguists

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Funny ontas memes, ontas, what does ontas meme, what is ontas, donde estas, you up, bootycall.

'Ontas' Is Confusing The Hell Out Of The Internet And Bringing The Memes

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Yo Habla Bueno Espanol!!

Caption that reads, "45-year-old white ladies in Mexican restaurants after saying 'gracias' to the waiter" above a pic of a middle-aged white woman looking pleased with herself
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Hola, Me Llamo Loro

Telegraph headline that reads, "British parrot missing for four years returns speaking Spanish"
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No Me Gusta :(

Caption that reads, "When the only thing you explore is the refrigerator" above a pic of a very fat Dora the Explorer pillow
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The More You Know!

Text conversation that reads, "[Person 1] How much would a trip to Spain cost? [Person 2] It depends where you live. For example, if you live in Spain, it's free"
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So Cultured

Funny meme about white women saying gracias to
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