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17 Memes Against Those Infuriating Car Warranty Calls

Picture this: you're sitting down for a relaxing cup of coffee. Or maybe you're starting on an important project that requires your full attention. The phone rings. It rings again. You pick it up. 

"Hello. (pause) We're calling to inform you about your car's expired warranty." 

You hang up, but the rage remains. And fifteen minutes later, the cycle repeats. 

This situation is especially infuriating if you live in a city and do not own a car, but we're pretty sure that even those blessed with wheels are growing sick of these incessant spam calls. I've found myself screaming in vain at the robotic voice, "I DO NOT OWN A CAR YOU $&%($&@!" While insulting a recording may not be an effective solution to these fury-inducing robocalls, it is often therapeutic. Even more therapeutic? Laughing at the memes that our peers have made out of their own similar frustrations. 

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