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Absurd Spaghetti Memes for the Slipperiest of Noodles

Palms are sweaty, knees weak
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A compilation of memes about Italian hand gestures and Italian food

Italian Memes For Proud Italian Americans

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Funny dank memes entitled, "Tupperware After Tomato Sauce"

The 'Tupperware After Tomato Sauce' Meme Is Something Anyone Can Relate To

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So Real

Funny meme about how spaghetti sauce never gets on flannel shirts, you only get stains if you're wearing a white shirt.
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Just One Plz

Caption that reads, "Brother may I have one spaghett" below a pic of a little chihuahua staring at a bowl of spaghetti
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It's A Struggle Every Night

Tumblr post that reads, "Sensible part of your brain: you made enough pasta that you could take it for lunch tomorrow. Put it in a container; Overwhelming majority of brain: shovel the pasta into your face. Do it. Put it in your face. The future is meaningless but the pasta is now"
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It's My Mom's Recipe

Caption that reads, "Eminem anytime he goes anywhere" above a pic of Charlie Day from 'It's Always Sunny' holding a bag of spaghetti saying, "What is your spaghetti policy here?"
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RIP );

Caption that reads, "My tupperware for the rest of their life after eating something with tomato sauce in it" above a pic of Donald Trump with an orange face
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Pulled A Fast One

Picture of a book with spaghetti coming out of it, with the caption, "When the teacher thinks you're studying but really you're eating spaghetti"


Funny spaghetti job interview.
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Funny memes that are put through a filter to make it look like they are spaghetti, chewbacca, star wars, anime, man of culture, donald trump, pepe the frog, ostagram.

Your Favorite Memes And Photos, Now With More Carbs

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Uh Oh Spaghetti O's

spaghetti relationships - 9071365888
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They're Almost The Same

Funny meme about Darryl from the office - people thought he was having sex when he was actually eating spaghetti.
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Bout To Go Stan On You

Funny meme about if someone insults Eminem's mom's spaghetti, photo of Eminem pointing a gun at someone.
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Get That Spagoot

Funny Eminem/ floor is lava meme - floor is mom's spaghetti.
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Funny meme putting Eminem in an Elizabethan outfit and changing the lyrics to Lose Yourself to the language of the time.
Via adam.the.creator
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