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Dana Schwarts writes tweet against South Park, angry south park fans troll and roast her on Twitter. | Dana Schwartz @DanaSchwartzzz retrospect seems impossible overstate cultural damage done by SOUTH PARK show portrayed earnestness as only sin and taught mockery is ultimate inoculation against all criticism. SpongeBob Facts spongbob_facts Replying DanaSchwartzzz SPONGEBOB FACT: Wow 's crazy Dana, SpongeBob is about watch some more South Park! He loves show!!

Writer Trolled After Sharing Anti-South Park Tweet

Don't mess with South Park fans.
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Funny memes about the South Park ban in China

The Best Reaction Memes To China's 'South Park' Ban

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Terrance and Phillip!

Funny 'Blinking White Guy' meme about the first Canadian to cough, referencing Terrance and Phillip from South Park
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Matt DAAAMOON petition that reads, "Send Matt Damon to Mars to retrieve Opportunity"
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Are We Not Gonna Talk About The Fact That The Cat's Name Is Butters

Pic of a person holding a piece of fried chicken above a cat with the Snapchat overlay that reads, "Butters brought me a chicken wing from outside. It's still warm. WHERE DID YOU GET THIS"
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life hacks and tips

20 Crucial Common-Sense Tips That Are WAY Too Often Overlooked

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Funny meme about how STeven Seagal is starting to look like his South Park caricature.
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South Park cartoons Video - 76155137

If You Have Trouble Picturing What Black Friday is Like, Know That South Park is Barely Exaggerating in Their Portrayal

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South Park america Video - 83557121

Heeeyyy, Don't Worry Guys. America is Going to Be Great Again... I Guess

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history South Park TV Video - 83359745

South Park Is in the Midst of It's 20th Season So Watch the History of the Show in This Video

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South Park - 82035457

This Dude Recreated South Park Characters Playing League of Legends

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Would Definitely Play Chinpokomon GO!

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virtual reality South Park parody video games Video - 81971201

If You Think Virtual Reality Stinks Now, Wait Until You Get Your Nostrils On Nosulus Rift

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South Park wedding Video - 78065409

World's Best Maid of Honor Sings Come Sail Away as Cartman

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anime South Park cartoons Video - 78029825

South Park's Kenny's Anime Spin Off

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South Park Video undertale - 77689601

Bad Time Simulator 2016

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