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Great Grandma Has Near Death Experience, Wakes Up and Demands Soup

Talk about a comeback
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Funny tweets roasting Marjorie Taylor Greene Gazpacho gestapo

Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Gazpacho Police' Gaffe is Inspiring All the Soup Jokes

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man is going viral for biting into a full bread bowl, causing debate on the correct way of eating it

Man Goes Viral After Ruthlessly Biting Into His Bread Bowl Full of Soup, Causing Controversy on the Correct Eating Technique

Do you eat the soup first and then eat the bread after the soup is finished and it's soaked up all the flavors? Or, if it's a creamy soup, do you just go straight for the chomp to get an instant flavor combo of bread and soup? TikTok debates.
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Funny Memes about soup, soup season, soup season memes, humor, tweets, tumblr

Soup Memes For the Height of 'Soup Season'

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Way Too Poor For That

Caption that reads, "'Do you have health insurance? Me: ..." above pics of Vick's VapoRub, soup and a can of Sprite
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Funny meme about food.
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At Least If You Eat That You Might Recover From Your Cold?

SpongeBob SquarePants soup image - 8987743488
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Ah, That's How That Happens

web comic spoon soup Ah, That's How That Happens
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These Are Incredibly Detailed Cooking Directions for Soup

image soup accurate These Are Incredibly Detailed Cooking Directions for Soup
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It's a Little Salty

web comics tears soup It's a Little Salty
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Strangely Compelling

funny memes you want soup sign

If That Soup is a Glass of Milk

funny memes oreos great with soup


bite delicious soup - 4653721600
See all captions Created by sandy1kumar

Sneezing Rage

soup rage sneezing - 8096943104
Created by KingKool720


soup win sick - 7950985472
Created by cakerifle

Bad Timing, Son

Heat kids soup funny web comics - 7854710272
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