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Funny Twitter meme about the very distinct sound the plastic lid on a store-bought cake makes | EliteTweetThief The whole world can hear you trying to open this late at night Dak RidicuIousDak I can hear this picture
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Funny meme about sound of shampoo falling in the shower.
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goats sound Video - 77855745

Dafuq is Wrong With This Goat, and Why is It Making That Sound?

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wtf sound Video - 77440001

This Dry Ice Sounds Like a Thousand Tiny Tortured Souls Screaming for Sweet Release

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cool rocks sound Video - 75543809

Listen to the Incredible Sound Skipping Rocks on a Frozen Lake Makes

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f grammar hilarious nazi sound - 5625424384
Created by br24684

Worst Sound, Best Feeling

crack neck Rage Comics sound - 4796042240
Created by Unknown

The Beautiful Sound of Bacon

bacon best of week delicious guitar sound wtf - 5983261184
Created by el.carl2

The Process of Learning...

horror learning sound - 8379726848
Created by Yah-man

Make it Stop!!!

chalkboard horrible funny sound - 8341671680
Created by Unknown

Cricket Confusion

taken rage Y U NO noise sound - 8312147200
Created by death_by_rage
awesome sound Video - 63152129

Here's How Researchers Use Video to Recover Audio

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The Audience is Listening

movies sound - 8025344256
Created by Unknown

Musical Sand

gifs sand mindwarp sound - 8009802496
Created by ToolBee
gifs wtf videos sound - 57445377

GIFs With Sound?!

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Eventually You'll Be Able to Surf on Sine Waves

physics water sound science - 7135492352
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