Don't Like This

Funny meme that reads, "Your tongue knows exactly how everything you look at will feel" above a still of Snape in Harry Potter saying, "What kind of sorcery is this"
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It's Just Camera Magic, or This Guy is Just a Laundry Wizard

laundry gifs sorcery wizard - 8372379136
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What Sorcery is This?

yikes gymnast gifs sorcery - 6921869824
Created by Iron-man01

What is This Sorcery?

gifs sorcery levitation awesome wtf mindwarp magic - 6656755968
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Are You a Wizard!?

circle dot optical illusions raisins-super-fuuuu sorcery wizard - 5382757888
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Divine Sorcery

gifs magic mindwarp optical illusion sorcery tiles - 5099799552
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