Karters Gonna Kart!

chamillionaire daisy literalism lyric riding dirty see similar sounding song - 5477814272
By natgit123

Lady Gaga Formula

costume crazy equation formula lady gaga lyrics Music song Songs techno Video - 2539219968
By JerkyChid

And I Was Like Mee Mee, Mee Mee, Mee Mee, Meeeeeee

baby Hall of Fame justin bieber juxtaposition literalism lyrics mashup muppet similar sounding song the muppets - 5778568704
Via Snuh
amazing song Video VideoIsUnrelated wtf - 14385921

Thanks Pep Pep

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Ironically, Spock Would Never LMFAO

lmfao lyrics Party Rock Anthem song Spock Star Trek - 6077997056
Via Rats Off!

I Totally Know This One

car Pie Chart radio song - 6379089408
By Jaybow

If there's such a thing...

song texas Pie Chart - 7006930944
By Regrubezeehc

Let's Hear it For Good Charlotte References in 2012...

lyrics song similar sounding girls money cars - 6815600384
Via Skies of Fortune

A Flock of Sunnis

homophone homophones literalism song - 4932271104
By A Person (Via Cracked)

Ugh, Why?

hair people song funny - 8425753856
By Unknown

The Song of the Internet

Harry Potter song twilight funny happiness - 8374554624
By Unknown

Not Even Once

music video funny song Sad - 8355207424
By Unknown

Hey, it Works!

comments song funny - 8353904384
By Unknown
song Music Video five nights at freddy's - 64032001

Five Nights at Freddy's Song by The Living Tombstone

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Wonder if a Dog Bit Him

nice guy alice cooper song fedora funny - 8292855552
By Unknown

I'm Looking for Eddy Grant

Music song funny - 8279663360
By Unknown