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Grandma Disses Son’s Childhood Bully After Finding Him On Facebook

Moms never forget.
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Funny comedy sketch about father and son having an awkward conversation, sex

Comedy Sketch About A Father/Son Chat Gets Super Awkward Super Fast

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A walk in the park

puppy park playground son - 6524547840
By immabigkidnow

Like Father, Like Son

vegetables sad but true son web comics Father - 8545974784
By whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse (Via Biter Comics)

Kid Can't Draw

drawing parents son - 6593876736
Via Buttersafe

An Evil God

dad funny listen god son - 8399430912
By Unknown

Like Father, Like Son

wtf kids farts funny son parents Father - 8298817536
By foxer124

Reframed: Terrible Son

dads reframed son - 8080182272
By Aerotactics

At Least I Don't Have Justin Bieber Jr.

Music pluto parenting son justin bieber - 7625967104
By Koargo

Never Try This

dads school parenting son truancy story - 7665172480
By BestMarioBuds

Dad, Stahp!

birthday troll dad dad happy birthday sir son - 6940528384
By Unknown

Like Father Like Son

Father son seriously kids - 6674526976
By Jazzure

Son, What Are You Doing With Your Life?

son stop stahp wat - 6667974400
By muttonhead_mills

AH MAN.....

Father son darth vader luke skywalker star wars grounded - 4568504064
See all captions By tk-42117


baby beer Father son wine - 6605511168
By xyzpdq1

Just be a Trooper, Son

darth vader son star wars stormtrooper - 6565923840
By Unknown
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