solar eclipse

And Then She Asked To Speak To The Manager

Stupid person asks if the solar eclipse can be moved to a different day
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Funny meme about Helen Keller not being able to see eclipse.
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We All Make Mistakes

Funny meme about a post-eclipse starter pack, blind person's walking stick and sunglasses.
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Trump memes of the president staring at the solar eclipse that everyone knows you shouldn't do

Trump Viewed The Eclipse And Instantly Became This Week's Best Meme

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Oh God I'm Blind

Funny pun about eclipse, photo of totaled car eclipse.
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dank and funny memes involving solar eclipse, oil, war, elon musk, shrek, internet, north korea, confederate statues.

Dank Meme Roundup: 13 Xtra Spicy Memes

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Great Tip!

Funny meme about solar eclipse.
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Behind The Scenes

Funny meme and web comic about the solar eclipse.
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Collection of funny memes about the solar eclipse.

12 Of Today's Best Solar Eclipse Memes

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