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Algorithm Assigns Employee Very Little Work, Employee Keeps Mouth Shut for Years

Every employee's dream
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Professor Charms The Internet After Editing Himself Into Animal Crossing For Zoom Class

The events of the past year and a half have not been an easy time to be in education. One of the main reasons for this are two little words that put the fear of god into students everywhere: distance learning. While it might be pretty sweet that you can rock up to Zoom class and start gaming with your camera switched off, it’s not exactly conducive to getting those qualifications. Not every teacher has been able to adapt smoothly to this new way of imparting their hard earned knowledge, but som…
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'New' Nirvana Song Written & Recorded By AI Software

This music does not exist
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The Best Way to Get Someone to Buy the Full Version

funny memes trial version comic sans
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Great. Thank You, Computer Program

web comics software Great. Thank You, Computer Program
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Industry Standard

web comics software Industry Standard
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So That's What Norton Security Does...

memes anti-virus software ebola idiots funny - 8349920256
Created by Unknown

They Just Download Stuff Then?

funny macs software windows - 8251067136
Created by Unknown

An Updated Guide to Software Interfaces

computers modern living software web comics - 8221285120
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Silly iTunes

apple iTunes software wtf - 7962106624
Created by Echo_of_Snac

Computers Don't Make Errors, Brian

computers it bad luck brian software - 6922452224
See all captions Created by TheMemeDude

Time to Partition Yr Disks, Baby

Bad Pickup Line Bad Pickup Line Panda hardware pickup lines software - 6428856064
Created by star_princess_2009 ( Via Team A Volition )

Don't They Quiz You on Them?

Net Noob quiz software - 5634227200
Created by aethermind

Good Guy Greg: Insane Amounts of Free Time

agreement Good Guy Greg software terms - 5625404928
See all captions Created by Jefferson

That's Illegal, Man

illegal infographic piracy software - 5173506560
Created by saltyteabag ( Via )

iTunes Is Like My Woman

error iTunes software - 4879458816
Created by makepeacew.mypiece
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