43 Toxic Messages From Desperate Softbois

Don't let the term fool you—softbois are not simply in touch with their emotions (we're all for that!) A softboi will often use corny platitudes and 'alternative' interests to get laid. If someone rejects or ignores them, a softboi will quickly become bitter and turn to insults. A sensitive person might write 'I'm delicate like a sea sponge' in their tinder bio, whereas a softboi would say something like, 'I'm into red wine and girls with daddy issues.' The @beam_me_up_softboi Instagram account is dedicated to documenting the most wince-worthy instances of softboi cringe. Out of the hundreds of submissions they've posted, we've narrowed it down to forty-three to give you a taste. 

Toxic Texts, Cringe Memes, Tinder Messages, Text Messages, Screenshots, Dating Apps, Epic Fail | O.K ladies get don't want pleasant evening chat don't want gentleman walk car don't want friendly dude help carry groceries or hold open door or crush life out other men would do harm. Fine fear good guys guess just have suffer through watching get broken over and over by scum think love. But want know s not easy, and hurts see fall. Give good guys chance help be less afraid world
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