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People Debate If We Should Be Getting Stressed Over Phone Calls

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25+ Things That Are Embarrassing When They Have No Reason To Be

Sky Ferreira was right
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Every Time

Funny tweet that reads, "I suck at accepting compliments I end up saying 'thank you but here's a thesis on how you're wrong'"
Via Kingwyrm20

It's A Fine Line

Funny meme about someone who is smart enough to know that they're awkward, but not smart enough to know how to stop being awkward
Via Ababymama

LOL I'm So Random

"The I'm-14-and-no-one-loves-me starter pack" above a pic of a notebook that says "Normal people scare me"
Via ebonyfaery

Stahp It Brain

Caption that reads, "Me trying to fall asleep at night as every awkward thing I've said goes through my mind" above pics of a cat looking distressed
Via lilmisschuckitinthefuckitbucket

You Can't Just *Tell* Them You Hate It

"Hairdresser: Do you like it? Me: Yes, thank you *goes home and cries*
Via Dustyfunk

Pls, We Need To Know

"Does anyone actually know what to do when people are singing happy birthday to you?"
Via Benman85101

Look, We Both Know I'm Gonna Get The Same Thing I Always Get

Onion headline that reads, "Man Forced to Come Up with 45 Seconds of Facial Expressions While Waitress Lists Off Specials"
Via foggymornings

Me At Every Party

Onion headline that reads, "Man trying to enter conversation spends few minutes smiling and nodding at edge of circle"
Via AlloftheUsernamesIWantedWereNotAvailable

Somebody Had To Say It

"Car dudes are the male equivalent to horse girls"
Via anlyin

The Endless Search for the 'In-Between' Is Too Real

Via anemonelost

Well, I Can't Think of the Last Time I Saw You Either

web comics literalism Well, I Can't Think of the Last Time I Saw You Either
Via toonhole

Wait, So What Do I Do With My Hands!

web comics socially awkward Wait, So What Do I Do With My Hands!
Via invisiblebread

How to Fit In

socially awkward web comics How to Fit In
Via drunkencatcomics

Social Cliques

Via Jake Likes Onions
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