meme created from President Biden's State of the Union 2023

Funniest Memes of the 2023 State of the Union

Let's be honest, we only watched the SOTU to understand the memes that were sure to come out of it...
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Spicy Communist Memes For Anti-Capitalist Comrades

Seize the memes of production
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funny memes, relatable memes, memes, coronavirus, working class, work memes, healthcare pls, universal healthcare, student debt, capitalism, socialism, minimum wage, amazon, jeff bezos, rich people, taxes | trad girl and yes chad MY PARENTS AT 25 should start saving retirement IRA or 401k AT 25 If go sleep now then won't have pay food ahorteddreams | too poor afford affordable healthcare guess l'll die

Memes & Tweets For The Fed Up Working Class

Seize the memes of production
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Funny dank memes about communism | see comrade recognize out on street Lenin waving | perfect visual analogy capitalism doesn't exi 10 STAY F PACKS 10 NABISCO STAY FRESH PACKS OREO R

Fourteen Communist Memes For Anyone Not Over The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

Where the comrades at?
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Funny dank memes entitled "Communist Bugs Bunny" | Simpsons writer have an ldea God Our Idea | Charlie: Look at my golden ticket, grandpa joe! Grandpa joe: Our ticket

Fifteen 'Communist Bugs Bunny' Memes That Want You To Share The Wealth

For our comrades.
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Funny dank memes about communism | students looking to the back of the class only communist kid class and teacher brings up SEXY PEOPLE | bae thinks home but out building socialism Just chilin bed hammer and sickle flag

Dank Communist Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Burn It All Down

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Funny memes about communism | man in tiger costume scaring a cat memes about Communism co-worker just added as friend on Facebook | Stalin as Mii Wii player and console

Fourteen Communist Memes For The Hardworking Proletariat

Not me, us.
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Funny dank memes featuring Bernie Sanders asking for financial support | the mandalorian meme with baby yoda: have something want Financial Support. bernie sanders as a scientist and periodic table elements spelling out "financial support": ahh yes Fluorine lodine Nitrogen Carbon Iodine Aluminium Sulfur Uranium Phosphorus Polonium Radi Tiran

Bernie Still Needs Your Financial Support In These Fresh Dank Memes

These memes don't seem to be backing down!
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Funny dank memes featuring Bernie Sanders entitled, "I Am Once Again Asking For Your Financial Support" | EA games every 0.3 seconds I am once again asking financial support. wins lottery Relatives l've never heard

Dank Bernie Sanders Memes That Want Your Financial Support

Election memes are the best memes.
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Dank socialist and communist memes | edward full metal alchemist anime and fellow workers produce billions profit billionaires but can't afford healthcare is not law equivalent exchange. line of people under a billboard. Yeh, well under socialism be so poor have wait hours line brea WORLD'S HIGHEST STANDARD LIVING There's no way like American Way

Socialist Memes For People Who Like To Steal From The Hard-Working Elites

Commies unite!
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Funny memes entitled, "Boss Makes a Dollar, I Make a Dime"

Fourteen 'Boss Makes A Dollar' Memes Great For Sticking It To The Man

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Seize The Means Of Production!

Caption that reads, "English teacher explaining proper nouns: 'Don't forget to capitalize!'" above a pic of Karl Marx
Via NSFWSpaceMagnet

I'm Gonna Hammer And Tickle You <3

Tumblr post that reads, "Rom-coms (romantic communists) - more than comrades"
Via JamieLeBas

Alexa, spielen Das Pacito

Picture of an old book written by Karl Marx called 'Das Pacito'
Via captainpirate1
Collection of funny jealousy-inspired memes, man checking out another woman in front of girlfriend, zelda, link, pasta, capitalism, socialism, politics.

We're Loving These Jealousy-Inspired Memes

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