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Video: Texas Lawyer Stuck As Kitten In Hilarious Zoom Fail

He swears he's not an actual cat
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Funny tweet about standing 6 ft apart, what you dont want to change after covid | Fred O @fredonair What's the one thing you DON'T want to change post-COVID? @QuecianaWaIton Standing 6 feet away from me
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Funny tweets in response to Chainsmokers concert in the hamptons new york, irresponsible, andrew cuomo, social distancing, howard zucker, department of health, rich people, selfish | @chisanashi y'all risked corona chainsmokers Icculus Brave @FirenzeMike 1d Chainsmokers had Drive concert Hamptons last night looks like social distancing strongly enforced NY gets inevitable spike just blame these rich selfish white people 2 Via IG:adamalpert | KRILLA O @itsKRILLA Attendees Real chainsmokers Chains

Chainsmokers Under Fire Following Irresponsible Hamptons 'Drive-In' Concert

Get ready for another spike in Covid-19 cases.
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It Ain't Rocket Science People

Funny meme from the TV show 'Friends' about why it's important to continue social distancing | COVlD is deadly but containment measures are working they've made us safer than we were in March
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Funny video of two guys demonstrating creative ways you can toss your friend a beer while maintaining social distancing

Two Dudes Show How To Pass Your Friend A Beer While Social Distancing

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Funny memes and tweets, friday memes and tweets, tgif, dank memes | Wolverine with a kissing couple in the background my friends getting married and starting families aborteddreams five cheeseburgers please | Tim Dillon @TimJDillon would be nice see people starting reopen parts economy safely but let's do Undercover Boss show now too! Like better time put CEO on front lines with workers! Right! Seems like fun time show sure CEOS would do right

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Funny tweet about social distancing | ahmad @uhhhhmad i will continue social distancing from some of u after all this is over
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Funny brand logos that reflect social distancing | Starbucks mermaid logo wearing a face mask | Corona beer Need new name. Extra

Brands Are Changing Their Logos To Reflect Social Distancing Measures

Can brands just chill for five seconds?
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Funny meme that reads, "The sign at the pizza place I go to" above a photo of a sign telling patrons to "back the fuck up" due to COVID-19 quarantine
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Funny tweets about how millennials aren't going on spring break, generation z, coronavirus, covid-19 | danny ocean @SamoanLoki Hey dumbfucks, Millennials are ages 24-39, probably with kids their own. These kids were more likely majority Zoomers and have been couple years now. This is someone who got his degree over 10 years ago. ON Philly Daily News O @PhillyDailyNews 3d Daily News Hey, millennials, this isn't spring break s pandemic Expert Opinion | Momo Kurumi @momokurumicos "If Millennials do

Frustrated Millennials Want You To Know They're Not On Spring Break

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Funny tweets, relatable tweets, twitter memes, coronavirus tweets, covid-19 tweets | Megan Rebekah @_meggybread Day 1 self-isolation shall write book, organise my garden, learn language or three Day 3 self-isolation: Spent an hour arguing over sandwich with my cat forgotten sound human voices wallpaper my room is really starting freak out | Gordon Maloney @gordonmaloney here is landlord evicting paramedic middle global pandemic literally because he works NHS Actually joe on reflection am now

Tweets That Reflect The Crazy Times We Live In

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Funny memes about being in quarantine due to coronavirus/covid-19 | Charlie 8 @charlieamber94 find out daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine" monkey puppet | Summer 2020 gon be lit people in hazmat suits at the beach

Quarantine Memes To Help Distract You From Cabin Fever

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Funny tweets, funny memes, dank memes, dank tweets, social distancing, covid-19, coronavirus, coronavirus tweets, quarantine | David Klion @DavidKlion So no one told life gonna be this way job's remote broke hiding plague | David Farrier @davidfarrier cannot stop laughing at everything about this Liam Gallagher thought he had coronavirus but his house just hot s confusing and scary'

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Good things come in small packages.
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Funny memes about people hoarding toilet paper because of covid-19, coronavirus, coronavirus memes, dank memes, roasts | "complete idiot" starterpack HAND SANITISER PANICKED SCREECHING L CN BBC NBC npr This 'isn't Mad Max Australian police say after 3 women get into brawl while panic-buying toilet paper during coronavirus epidemic VFOX OCBS Qbc NEWS NEWS channel NBC Rhea Mahbubani Mar 7, 2020, 2:51 PM @katie.n64 f M have sold out face masks. Sorry inconvenience! | KID: HEY MUM IS THIS CORONA V

Memes That Roast All The People Hoarding Toilet Paper

Time to invest in a bidet.
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