Drink Responsibly

Funny meme about being hungover, shame spiral, i'm never saying another word again.
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Good For You, Karen

Funny meme about dry january.
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It's Kind Of A New Record For Me

Pic of a group meeting under the caption, "Sup I'm Chad, been sober for like 40 days. Not in a row or anything, just total."
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Damn Those Sober Kids

sober kids old guy Grandpa funny - 7643522816
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That's Pretty Drunk

sober drunk idiots funny - 8441917184
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How Depressing

bad idea depressing funny sober - 8116318720
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It Pays to Be Drunk

sober bad idea beer goggles funny - 8076150272
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Nobody Wants to See You Like That

go home you're drunk sober drunk high lindsay lohan - 7019081728
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Liquid Courage

sober drinking flirting booze Awkward relationships - 6977868032
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cops rules sober what wtf - 4306473728
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