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'It's not a money thing, but it's the principle of it': Non-drinker starts beef with host over oddly specific drink request

Would that be good for you?
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21 Wet February Memes to Celebrate the End of Dry January

21 Wet February Memes to Cheers the End of Dry January With

You did it—cheers!
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'You should not pay more than $5 for a mocktail': Non-drinkers ponder reasonably priced mocktail menu during Dry January

They are just fancy soda
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'So, it's flavored water?': White Claw debuts non-alcoholic version, fails to realize it's just seltzer

La Croix is shaking in their boots
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TikToker Gets Roasted by Twitter For Suggesting Extreme Fitness Activity As Alternative to Alcohol

Just as fun
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25 Memes For the Sober Friend Who's Always Surrounded by People Who Aren't

Peer pressure will never be enough to make a happily sober person crack!
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Sober Woman Gets Fired After Coworker Snoops Through Her Phone And Finds Recovery Apps

That's not right
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Pair of 25-Year-Old Besties Quit Partying and Discover a World of Hobbies That Don't Involve Alcohol

These two besties are living their absolute best lives instead of their Absolut boring lives.
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Dry January Memes for All Virtuous Drinkers

Wring yourself out
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Supportive Recovery Memes That Represent the Struggles of Sobriety

Keeping clean
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Designated Driver Asks Friends for Dinner in Exchange for Services, Gets Called an A-Hole

Being the sober friend in the crew can come with some pretty annoying disadvantages, like becoming the default designated driver at every boozy social engagement. One sober redditor decided to make it a little better for herself by imposing a “designated driver tax” on her drunk friends whenever they expected her to drive everyone home at the end of the night. She didn't expect anything too crazy–a few sodas here and there, or a covered dinner once in a while–but one friend was positively scand…
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Drink Responsibly

Funny meme about being hungover, shame spiral, i'm never saying another word again.
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Good For You, Karen

Funny meme about dry january.
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It's Kind Of A New Record For Me

Pic of a group meeting under the caption, "Sup I'm Chad, been sober for like 40 days. Not in a row or anything, just total."
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Damn Those Sober Kids

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That's Pretty Drunk

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