Pass the soap, just don't drop it, probably slippery.

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20+ Laundry Memes to Wash and Dry

Throw in a dryer sheet
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Woman Accidentally Uses Body Wash As Lotion For 15 Years Despite 'Bath' Being On The Bottle

"Caring Bath" must be a body lotion
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Woman Prompts Horror by Testing if Boyfriend Showers With Soap

He's gotta smell
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Women Put Their Foot Down Over Disappointing Gift Idea

So thoughtful...
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Do Not Touch Me

Funny object-label meme that shows someone shaking hands saying they need to work together to stop coronavirus, above a photo of someone washing their hands afterward
Via anlyin
Funny and honest soap scents from Whiskey River Soap Co.

Hilarious Soap Scents That Are Uncomfortably Honest

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Funny soaps with names that could be used to insult someone

18 Painfully Honest Soap Scents That Are Perfect For Insulting Your Loved Ones

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Better Than Soap

soap wifi image - 8974632192
Created by terramar

Just Make Sure You Only Sing the Clean Versions of Songs

puns soap image - 8796218112
Via wombraider90

It burns!

ouch rage shower eyes soap shampoo troll burn - 8580772864
Created by KsComics

Well, That Makes Sense

false advertising water soap idiots - 3197685760
Created by Unknown

Soap in The Shower

Via Pain Train Comics

It Even Looks Delicious!

bad idea soap Video microwave - 69233921

Ivory Soap + Microwave = Alien Birth

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The "Perks" of the Job

Via The LAD Bible FB Page

Forever Unclean

sad but true soap web comics - 8416868096
Created by WerewolfLaser ( Via Big Smiles Everyone Comic )
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