Dad is a Snake

dads sad but true parenting snakes web comics - 8368494848
Via Completely Serious Comics

Who Doesn't Like Scorpions?

scorpions desert snakes alone funny - 8356101888
By Unknown

Quite An Ingenious Costume Idea

costume rats halloween critters snakes web comics - 8350036736
Via Liz Climo

Another Day on the Force

jail snakes animals web comics - 8347262976
Via Poorly Drawn Lines

A Robotic Snake

mindwarp gifs technology robots snakes - 8320173056
By Unknown

Most Dangerous Bathtime

wtf kids creepy snakes funny - 8321223680
By Unknown

This Play is a Stretch

rats snakes football web comics - 8319129856
Via Liz Climo

Just Washing My Snakes

gifs nope critters bath snakes bath tub - 8307560960
Via Bing

Shedding Skin

yikes mindwarp gifs creepy critters snakes - 8302475520
By anselmbe

Squirrel Ain't Having It

yikes gifs critters fight squirrels snakes - 8296139520
By Unknown

Never Trust Serpents

friends snakes funny frogs - 8291719168
By Unknown

Can't They Just Slither out of the Collars?

leash wtf snakes funny - 8273779456
By Unknown

The Difference Between Poisonous And Venomous Animals

critters poison Venom snakes web comics - 8262822656
Via Bird And Moon

Lunch Has a Stranglehold on Heron's Neck

birds critters gifs snakes - 8251488768
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Snakes Hate Balloons

Balloons critters gifs snakes - 8224667904
By Unknown

Know Your Snakes

funny snakes - 8223350784
By lepidus