A compilation of adorable animal memes.

Animal Memes for Those Who Know What Comes After Genus & Species

It’s very easy to have a knowledge of Animal Kingdom on a very superficial level. You go to your local zoo, you see the zebras, and you think you know something. If you’re a regular viewer of Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel, you might feel a little bit superior to the rubes who called themselves the next Steve Irwin. Unfortunately, neither of these groups truly compare to the real hobbyists. Do you know the kinds of people we can look at a prehistoric fish thing and tell you it’s genus,…
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Nothing To See Here

Funny Twitter meme about a plumber coming to work at Hogwarts and Salazar Slytherin wanting the pipes to be big enough for a giant snake to fit in
Via GatorConspiracy
Funny memes for people who own obscure pets such as spiders or snakes | Banana sticker on a yellow snake with caption joking that he thinks something is wrong with his banana | Greta death-stare on Trump on how my Tarantula looks at my hand when I am changing the water

Animal Memes For Those Who Own Bizarre Pets

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Think Toy Story

Funny dank meme that mixes 'Is this a Pigeon?' with 'Free Real Estate' and there's a snake in my boot memes memeception
Via BobbyBobbyBobbyBabyBobbyBooby
funny alternative names for animals

31 Ridiculous Alternate Animal Names That Just Make Way More Sense

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Who Knew Snakes Could Be So Cute

Caption that reads, "Snakes with hands" above three pics of snakes with drawn-on hands and arms
Via rannek

Seems Pretty Obvious Don't It

Illustration of someone shaking hands with a snake above text that reads, "Trust no one;" Tumblr comment below reads, "Trust no one, especially snake hands Jimmy, his hands are snakes"
Via LimaBeansAndTangerines
random miscellaneous memes

40 Miscellaneous Memes That'll Give You A Lil Chuckle

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Ah Frick

Illustration of someone stepping on a snake with caption underneath that reads, "I specifically requested the opposite of this"
Via ElfEnchantress

Sassy Snek

Caption that reads, "If you draw arms and eyebrows on a snake, it instantly turns them into sassy little a**holes" above a pic of a cute snake with arms drawn on it
funny taylor swift memes

18 Taylor Swift Memes You'll Only Find In Your 'Wildest Dreams'

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Snek Just Wanted A Lil Friend

Caption that reads, "My aunt has a snake at my house and she brought a mouse to feed him. The mouse is now on day 5 and they are BFFs now" above a pic of a little mouse cuddling with a snake
Via JamesONarwal

Snek Made A Silly

Photo of a snake with the caption, "I feel like this snake just told a bad joke and is waiting for a laugh"
Via GaladrielLadyofLight


funny meme about snake and whole foods.
Via cabbagecatmemes

Sad But True

Funny meme about who likes anime, he stands no chance of mating.
Via cabbagecatmemes


Funny meme about naming your snake's home "outback snakehouse."
Via ty4freedoge
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