A Joke You Just Can't Passover

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Created by Unknown

It's Because I Want to Touch Your Butt

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Created by Unknown

Forever Alone's Cat Just Had to Get Away

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See all captions Created by Spruce_Bringsteen


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Created by nanana42

Her Mom's Got It Going On

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Created by aj13696 ( Via )

I Only Use LMS

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Created by Unknown

Moving Too Fast

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Classic: Never Texting You Again

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Created by Unknown

You're Just So Very Funny

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Created by TheBklynbOMB

Pray She Doesn't Learn "LOL"

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Created by pierewiet

Re-Trolled: Can't Wait to See a Humpback

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Created by Danielle.Alexandra

Calm Yourself

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Created by Thrill-Gunner

I Was Gonna Fap to That Later!

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Created by wontonjon3

Even on Vibrate

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Created by TheSuperFace

Less Is More

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I Haven't Actually Loled For Years

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Created by Anonimious