This is Clearly Just a Phase

parenting vegetarian sms - 8760605440
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The Truth is Out There

the zodiac griller
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Guess What's for Dinner

IRL Turkey sms - 8758836224
Created by Unknown

It's Not What You Think!

funny memes watching tennis text from mom
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If He's so Famous, How Come I've Never Heard of Him?

that sounds naughty sms - 8756605440
Created by bglokk

When Somebody Actually Wants Your Fake Facts

facts elephants old people sms - 8753099520
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Did He Died?

funny memes lol is u ded

Liz Memed Too Hard

funny memes lenny face
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Do You Think I'm Sexy?

funny memes send pics
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I May Have Bills, But I'm Not an Adult

funny memes adult shaming
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Palms Sweaty, Memes Spaghetti

funny memes swaghetti memeballs
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That Does Not Whet My Palette

make up sms wordplay - 8282128128
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Nothing to Do Here

goodbye texts sms - 8119630848
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At Least He Didn't Tweet With Mittens On

news marketing sms - 8051879936
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If I See K One More Time in a Text Message, You Are Getting Blocked

sms text messages - 8015785728
Created by Unknown

Don't Be Fooled by the Smexy Praying Mantis

praying mantis texting sms - 7995772416
Created by Unknown
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