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20+ Funniest Drunk Cigarette Tweets for Guilty Vice Havers Who Can Still Smell Last Night

Smoking is bad
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Snoop Dog Quits Smoke, Jeff Bezos in Vogue, and Travis Kelce Tweets

Also, TikTokers enjoy a delectable new snack.
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Online Dater Calls Out Straight Edge Person's Dating Profile, Sparks Debate About Sobriety and Relationships

You don't need it to have fun
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Weed Memes For People Who Know the Difference Between Indica and Sativa

Greetings, memers who dabble in all things dank. We want you to grab your favorite munchies and prepare for a mind-bending journey through the hazy world of weed memes. Now that New York City has embraced the green wave of legalization, it's time to celebrate with some serious giggles. Whether you're a seasoned stoner or a freshly minted cannabis connoisseur, these memes will probably resonate, whether you're high or not. Being a weed smoker lends itself to comedy. The absurdity of forgetting y…
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Mary Jane Memes For Stoners Diagnosed With Reefer Madness

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Doctors Share The Stupidest Lies Their Patients Have Ever Told Them

Don't lie to your doctor!
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Cole Sprouse Does Interview While Smoking Inside, Makes It Look Like the Dorkiest Thing Ever

New anti-smoking PSA just dropped
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Cringeworthy Images That Didn't Age Well

Regrettable Images & Statements That Aged Incredibly Poorly

We all know that hindsight is 20/20. That definitely applied to the year 2020 , and as we've learned over the past few years, the present, too. Today, however, we are talking about a special kind of hindsight and regret. We've all seen that tweet from Hillary Clinton where she says "Happy birthday to this future President." Well, let's just say that things didn't go as she planned. Cringe. That tweet kind of made history where being overly confident is concerned. Today, we've got an assortment…
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Dankest Thanksgiving Memes for Stoners Who Can't Wait to Walk Around the Block With Their Cool Cousins (November 21, 2022)

Dankest Thanksgiving Memes for Stoners Who Can't Wait to Walk Around the Block With Their Cool Cousins (November 21, 2022)

The turkey is not the only thing getting baked on Thursday
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A Tasty Collection Of Juul Memes To Mourn The Loss Of The Nation's Favorite Vape

RIP to taking a rip
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15+ Wild And Wacky “Wyd After Smoking This” Memes

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Plane Passengers Scandalized By Woman Smoking On Flight

The etiquette of life is pretty different when you’re in the air, full of rules that do everything from stopping people being jerks to preventing the plane from doing a nosedive. If you’ve half-watched the cabin crew do the safety demonstration enough times, one of these that is probably burned into your brain is a variation on the words “ smoking is not permitted on this flight”. However, this doesn’t always mean that people pay attention to it. While it may seem like an obvious rule that appl…
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You Heard It Here First

Funny dank meme that says smoking and eating bacon kills, but smoking bacon will cure it | brain interrupting sleep smoking will kill you smoking bacon will cure it o .61 bacon will kill you
Via Fatboylovesbuffets

Absolute Genius Marketing

Funny tweet from Marlboro stating that every cigarette you smoke will take off some of the student debt you owe
Via d0m558

Sh*t Was So Cool Back In The Day

Caption that reads, "Fifth graders when someone acts like they're smoking a cigarette by exhaling in the cold" above a pic of a guy laughing hysterically
Via wholemilkmemes_

Very Rare These Days

Craigslist advertisement for a car where the headline reads, "Rare, never vaped in"
Via chimrichaldsphd
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