Gen Z Parenting Hack

Tweet that reads, "Parenting hack: when punishing your kids, don't take away their electronics. Take away their charger and watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly dies"
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That's Gotta Be It

Blue button meme where the caption reads, "Child: My stomach hurts;" the hand represents 'Moms' and the button represents "It's because of that phone"
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Literally Me

Caption that reads, "When I talk on the phone at my house" above pics of a guy talking on his cell phone in weird positions
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Thanks President Trump!

Presidential alert text that reads, "You might be using mobile data of WiFi"
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Goodbye, My Data

Pics of Mike from Stranger Things looking terrified under the caption, "When you've been home for three hours and you notice the 4G symbol instead of the WiFi symbol"
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So Grateful

Caption that reads, "I am so humble. I'm not bragging but I just wanna thank God I went from living paycheck to paycheck to saving up enough money to purchase a data plan that allowed me to download this picture"
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Every Time!

Caption reads, "Being so drunk you have to close one eye to text" above a pic of a Furby with one eye closed
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We'll Only Upgrade Once A Year! What A Deal!

Caption that reads, "The iPhone 8 home button just got leaked" above a pic of a detachable home button, saying that it only costs $99.99
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Who Remembers This Struggle

Tweet about how people used to print out Mapquest directions before smartphones existed
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Samsung, Take Note

Regina George meme with the caption, "Stop trying to make Bixby happen, it's not going to happen"
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Too Real

Pic of a guy looking down at a cell phone while struggling to see it in the dark, with the caption, "This is how my parents look at their cell phone"

Let Me Explain

Tweet that reads, "Can you imagine how awkward it would be if your pet went on your phone and found the thousands of pictures you have of them sleeping"
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I Think The Choice Is Clear

Checklist of a rock versus a smartphone, indicating that a rock has more benefits than the smartphone
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