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23+ Memeified Screen Shots of Hilarious Text Messages

23+ Memeified Screen Shots of Hilarious Text Messages

Don't leave these memes on read.
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Wholesome: Tech-Challenged Grandpa Reveals He Goes to Brick and Mortar Stores to Download Their Apps

It's absolutely mind-boggling to think of all the tech-related advancements that have occurred over the last, oh, fifty years. And while we do poke fun at the technical abilities (or lack thereof) of the geriatrics in our lives, we've really got to hand it to them: There's been a lot to keep up with. While my 93-year-old grandmother impresses me with her knowledge of how to email, the truth is that there are definitely elderly people who are both more and less technologically advanced than she…
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Glaring Reasons Why Jerks Shouldn't Be Allowed to Design Things

Companies that aren't afraid to stoop real low
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Mornings Can Get Effed

Funny meme that reads, "All this and I still won't wake up on time" above a photo of a smart phone with a ton of alarms set
Via LeoSenior

Parents, Why Are You Like This

Funny meme that reads, "Parents: buys child a phone; child: uses phone; parents: ..." above an image of Drake yelling
Via LeoSenior

What Is This Sorcery?

Funny meme about an airplane cockpit resembling a phone calculator when it's turned sideways
Via LeoSenior

This Is Getting Real Creepy

Caption that reads, "When ads start popping up for stuff I've only thought about inside my head" above a pic of Michelle from Full House pointing out guns
Via IcyDeath25


Caption that reads, "When you're out of options, so you start dropping hints like..." above a pic of a phone screen with apps organized on it that read, "I am in great pain, please help me"
Via oenavia

'That Was A Ducking Good One, Jesus!'

Caption that reads, "When autocorrect hits you with 'holyshot'" above a pic of a Jesus figurine playing basketball with two figurine-kids
Via mamasgotthenastyjam


Tweet that reads, "I just realized when your phone auto-corrects to 'ducking' it means crouching down and has nothing to do with ducks. How did I forget that was a real word"
Via Chingchilla

Shade Thrown!

Pic of a guy, who represents "Apple," holding out a box which represents "The same phone but for a larger price" above a pic of a shocked guy, who represents "Apple fans"
Via nerfasians

It Sure Is A Mystery!

Tweet that reads, "'Why am I not asleep?' he thought, while shining a beam of pure information directly into his eyes from eight inches away"
Via MaybeItsThisInstead

It Really Was!

Tweet that reads, "I really miss that month Pokemon Go came out. I feel like that was the happiest everyone had been for a while. Everyone was out loving life"
Via ThePocho361

They Really Care!

Caption that reads, "The only person that calls every day to check up on me" above a pic of a scam call on someone's smart phone
Via CodyBurkett
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Satirical 'Not A Cell Phone In Sight' Memes Are Still Making The Rounds On The Internet

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Preeeetty True

Tweet that reads, "I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a computer, holding a phone, which is open to the same website as the computer I'm sitting in front of"
Via RonSwansonsGirl
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